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New to the ABC of Website Creation?

Owning a website can greatly help your business. Here you'll find some basics info that can help you start.

If all you want is to own, or, you should be ready to buy a domain name as little as $9.95 a year. However, the website itself with all its quality contents is very important to expose your website to the public. Part of having a website is the Web Hosting which is another important consideration.

Whether you are starting up or expanding an existing website or a group of website, when it comes to hosting your website, the web hosting service should be reliable, scalable, affordable, and provide prompt and thorough customer service.

Remember, owning a website start with the registration of a domain name. And, it requires that you act fast because your desired domain name may become unavailable at any time until you secure it.


Owning an outstanding website is more than just page with a contact number. It often requires sales copy, custom photography, ecommerce and more and sometimes additional functionalities. All of these will add to the project’s costs.
Copywriting Costs - Copywriting is usually around $30 – $70 p/h.
Photography Costs - Photography is usually around $50 – $150 p/h depending on the type of photography.
eCommerce Development Costs - Adding ecommerce and shopping carts to a WordPress site will likely add an additional $1,000 – $2,000 to the project’s cost.
SSL Certificates - SSL certificates cost between $50 and $200 (per domain name) depending on the type of encryption.
Plugin Development Costs - You can expect to pay anywhere from $400 – $2000 for a custom plugin.
WordPress Hosting - For the most part, small business hosting for WordPress websites is going to be around $50 p/m.
If your website has lots of functionality, delivers system notifications and has a lot of rich media such as video, then you might need a dedicated server which costs around $150 p/m.


There are several aspects of site maintenance that need to be addressed on a regular basis. It isn’t enough to do a few and abandon the others.There are several basic website maintenance tasks that need to be done monthly.

  • Backups

  • Backups ensure that if something happens to your site, you can quickly get back on your feet. Setting up automated backups greatly reduces the amount of work associated with this task. The WordPress Codex recommends backing up your site 3-12 times a year depending on how much content you have and how quickly you add content.
    Plugins like BackupBuddy or Updraft Plus can make backing up your site and restoring it easy.
  • Deleting comment spam
  • Comment spam is an unfortunate and annoying part of having a website. Make sure you delete comment spam to keep your site looking professional and keep it from getting weighted down. A spam filtering plugin like Akismet can make fighting spam easier. This helps prevent spam comments before they become live on your site and can greatly reduce the amount of time spent deleting spam.
  • WordPress Upgrades
  • Make sure WordPress core is kept up to date. This not only allows you to take advantage of new features, it reduces the vulnerabilities hackers could use to take advantage of your site. When updating WordPress core, it is possible to have site conflicts from the update. Make sure you always check your site after updates for conflicts and updated plugins and WordPress core one at a time so that if there is a conflict, you can easily pick out what caused it.
  • Plugin Upgrades
  • Like WordPress updates, it’s also important to update plugins to keep your site secure and take advantage of new features. Make sure to check your site after updates to make sure all plugins are functioning normally. As mentioned earlier, these tasks should take about 5-10 hours a month if you know what you’re doing. You might think maintenance sounds like an unnecessary burden. Although you may not want to put in the work or costs associated with maintaining a site, maintenance is absolutely essential.

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